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Building Wealth Through Investments

Stop asking how you'll be able to afford college tuition, buy a home, or retire from your job. An investment club has the potential to increase your personal financial goals and/or easing financial worries.


Paying for College Tuition
As a member of an investment club, you could use your portion of the club’s gains to pay for your child’s college education. If you already have a 529 College Plan, then you can deposit your gains into that account and increase the value of this important tax advantage method of saving for college.


Saving for Retirement
Your participation in an investment club allows you to purchase shares at a discount with others while achieving your goal of a secure and enjoyable retirement. Brokerage fees and even transaction cost from discount brokerage firms can add up when you're making many purchases. Since club members pool their money (monthly dues) to make purchases, you share the expenses, which allows you to save money compared to investing alone. Also, as a member of a club, you can also learn how to manage your retirement account while retired.


Buying a New Home
If you always wanted to buy a new home, then join an investment club to save money to achieve that dream. After several years of club investing, all members can decide to cash out a certain amount of money for large expenditures, such as buying a new home or paying off student loans.  Just remember that most clubs that plan on holding shares for at least 5 years or more perform better than clubs that focus on shorter time periods.


Start a New Business
Have you and your friends ever considered starting your own business but did not have the funds? Either start or join an investment club to help you raise the funds for your new venture. While a member, you will likely become more financially literate, which will help you run your business smoothly.


What is an Investment Club?

An investment club is a group of individuals who meet for the purpose of pooling money and investing; members typically meet on a periodic basis to make investment decisions as a group through a voting process and recording of minutes, or gather information and perform investment transactions outside the group.


Kevon L. Chisolm, Esq.

Kevon L. Chisolm Esq. brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the novice and experienced investment club members. For more than 15 years, he has earned a reputation for providing skilled and practical guidance and leadership as President of Umoja Investments LLC, an investment club.

Kevon K. Chisolm, Jr.

Kevon Kamari Chisolm, Jr. aka “Junior Wallstreeter” is 11 years old and is in the 6th grade.  He completed the 5th grade with four A's and one B+. Kamari recently participated in a week long camp entitled, "My First Stock Portfolio."  Currently, he is investing in one ETF, two stocks and tracking others. He has also been using Dave Ramsey's Junior Financial Peace System to manage and budget the money he earns from chores and receives as gifts.



Starting an investment club has the potential to increase your wealth, thereby meeting personal financial goals and/or easing financial worries. By working with a team of like-minded people, a club can help relieve the stress of trying to improve your financial situation alone. Let’s build wealth together!


Financial Legacy: Building Wealth Through Investment Clubs (E-Book) 


For many African-Americans, investment clubs have been a source of financial stability and security. A successful investment club brings together serious likeminded people with a common goal; improving their financial situation. Each member offers useful experience and knowledge necessary to ensure growth of their club. As the club matures, it may periodically need an external expert to help its members maintain focus and revitalize their investment agility and/or philosophy. This is an area in which I or my team are quite skilled and experienced. I have a proven success record with leading an investment club. Read on to find out more about my experience and how it could possibly be very useful to you, your family and friends. Let's build wealth together!

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Stock Tracker by Wallstreeter


It’s time to track your stocks using the StockTracker by Wallstreeter. This journal allows you to keep a record of your trades. That way you can see what you did right and what you did wrong. Ultimately, it will allow you to improve your trading by reviewing trends.

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 Investment Club Packages

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