Upcoming: Investment Seminar

This main purpose of this seminar is to teach how you can build wealth by starting an investment club. Have you ever worried about the following?

1) how can I afford college tuition for my children?

2) how will I ever be able to buy a home for my family?

3) when will I have enough money to retire from my job?

4) will I ever be able to pay off my student loans? If so, starting an investment club can help you find answers to those questions.  

The main purpose of an investment club is to create applicable investment experiences though increasing financial investment knowledge and providing a platform for members to apply such knowledge. Thus, starting an investment club has the potential to increase your wealth, thereby meeting personal financial goals and/or easing financial worries.  

By working with a team of like-minded people, a club can help relieve the stress of trying to improve your financial situation alone. Let’s build wealth together! Youth above the age of 8 are encouraged to attend the seminars.

For more information about our services, please contact either Kevon Chisolm, Esq. at 571-236-1471 or Kim Chisolm at 703-216-9688.